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Leave no one behind.

25 years ago the extreme right( burst onto the Belgian political scene. The election of Donald Trump reminds us that we no longer have the “luxury” to look the other way. There is anger, there is fear. How do we answer the expectations of people who don’t belong to the succesful cosmopolitans?
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#BrusselsAttacks: 'Don’t Fall Into The Trap!’

MO* contacted commentators in Afghanistan, India, Jordan, Lebanon, and Pakistan. Countries where the caravan of hate struck long before it came to Brussels. Their answers to our questions are quite relevant for the changes facing Belgium and Brussels.
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Don't Drink Bombers' Deadly Cocktail

In an editorial I wrote on Monday, after a week intense anti-terror activity in Brussels, I used an Uzbek proverb –‘One man builds a bridge, a thousand men cross it’- to advocate an active, two-way engagement between Brussels Muslim communities and the Belgian state.

Brussels Lockdown: X-Ray of the Belgian Security Apparatus

Brussels, the diplomatic capital of the world and host to the NATO headquarters and EU institutions, is under the highest terrorist threat. MO* investigative journalist Kristof Clerix, author of two books on intelligence, explores the Belgian security landscape. Who is keeping Brave Little Belgium safe?
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‘Let's foster dialogues with our youngsters that respect privacy’

‘Ever since people embraced the Internet, ever since we learned about the consequences of our new ways of interacting and communicating, the urgency to reflect upon – and maybe even rethink – the meaning of privacy grew stronger.’ Ben Caudron made the following speech ahead of the announcement of the jury's laureate of the B ...
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Dilys Williams: 'Designers need to challenge the status quo'

'It is not in the nature of fashion designers to follow the sheep. On the contrary, fashion is about challenging the system.' Head of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion Dilys Williams is certain of the fact that her colleagues have a lot of power in their hands. 'But there is still work to do. The current alternatives are simply not enough.'
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Cocaine trafficking across Europe in the age of technology

With technology evolving rapidly, drug trafficking is set for the dawn of a new era. It is now possible to buy drugs online and have them delivered right to your doorstep just like any other product. How is this changing the relationship between drug suppliers and users? MO* looks at how cocaine dealers, users and law enforcement agencies are adapt ...
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Ilkka Salmi, the EU’s spymaster

Information on the latest developments in Ukraine is of utmost importance for European policy makers. A crucial player in this field is the EU Intelligence Analysis Centre (INTCEN), the EU’s own intelligence hub in Brussels. Director Ilkka Salmi: ‘Our reporting helps the European External Action Service and other European institutions t ...
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The growing pains of Brussels

Spanish rates of unemployment, Chinese levels of income inequality and a diversity comparable to that of New York: Brussels has it all. The city is driven by modern dynamics but is governed by institutions stemming from old inter-community tensions. The growing sense of "Brussels" can help to better address the problems.
Bart Lasuy


In 2008, Africalia and the city of Ghent chose South African Ismail Farouk to create a work of art for Ledeberg, a borough of Ghent. His functional artwork ‘Smaaklik’ is not there yet, in the meantime Farouk shares his views on space and society in Ledeberg, Europe and his home country South-Africa.

What racism does to a child

Children know what racism is. Harassment, jokes, negative statements about heritage, colour and religion belong to the life of many primary school pupils. Through individual conversations and focus groups, MO* examines this phenomenon. Their results are both startling and challenging.

MO*lecture 'Das Kapital 2.0' with Tariq Ali and Joseph Vogl in Ghent

The worldwide economic crisis caused a renewed interest in the work of Karl Marx. Only few defend a return to the strict interpretation of the 20th century but a reread of the 19th century analyses seems to inspire answers to the 21st century shortcomings of globalised capitalism. Does Marxism offer ideas that lead to a sustainable and productive e ...